About Us

The Plumbing Outpost is on the side of any DIY-homeowner, property manager, or house flipper looking to get the best deals on top-tier plumbing equipment and fixtures. We stand for the qualities that everyone wants in a company—and we’re bringing them to the convenience of online shopping.

As a division of Surplus City HVAC & Supplies, we’re building on the legacy of providing a great overall value with a massive supply of products and superior service. What we’ve been doing since 1975 for HVAC equipment, we’re now doing for the plumbing world!

  • We’re all about high-quality

    Our motto is “high-end meets affordable.” Through our industry relationships, we’re here to share the value of beautiful fixtures and give savings back to the homeowner. Everything is coming to you brand-new and in-box, ready for your DIY installation and a job well done.

  • There’s no more guesswork

    On top of fantastic deals, we’re helping our customers get peace of mind with quality service. We’re detail-oriented, which is why we make it a point to add specific descriptions for our item listings to help you know whether the fixture will match your project.

  • Everything is ready to ship

    At the Plumbing Outpost, there’s no waiting for backorders. All of the products we sell are in-stock, so what you’re seeing online is exactly what we have on the shelf. Tell us what you need and we’ll send it your way!